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The 2024 election offers an opportunity to support candidates who will strengthen women’s economic security, honor caregiving as the backbone of our economy by expanding affordable access to these services and increasing pay for care workers, and advance our fight for gender justice.  

The Heckman Equation 

James J. Heckman is a Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago, a Nobel Memorial Prize winner in economics and an expert in the economics of human development.  His website provides a wealth of data on the economic returns of early childhood investment, as well as resources in easy to share formats.

The Center for the Study of Childcare Employment

The CSCCE conducts research and policy analysis about the characteristics of those who care for and educate young children and examines policy solutions aimed at improving how our nation prepares, supports, and rewards these early educators to ensure young children’s optimal development.  They publish a nationwide biennial workforce index regarding the state of early childhood education, and helpful information is broken down by state.

Rural Voices for Prosperity

Published in December 2020, this report was provided by the Wisconsin Economic Development Council and includes recommendations for investment in early childhood education

NAEYC COVID Crisis Report

Published in December 2020, data from a nationwide survey of providers shows the devastating impact of the pandemic on the ECE industry.

Power to the Profession

Power to the Profession is a national collaboration to define the early childhood education profession, birth through age 8, across states and settings, by establishing a framework for career pathways, preparation, competencies, responsibilities, and compensation. The Unifying Framework is the result of this multi-year, profession-led effort. It is based on the recommendations from the series of eight Power to the Profession Decision Cycles; references the full Decision Cycle documents as sources; and demonstrates how they all come together to advance a unified, diverse, equitable, and effective early childhood education profession.

Center for Community & Economic Development

Published by UW-Extension in November 2020, the report detaisl the importance of sustainable childcare for retaining women in Wisconsin's workforce.

Bipartisan Policy Center

Updated in 2021, a useful toolkit with advice on how to gain support for sustainable investment in childcare, regardless of party affiliation.

Wisconsin State Legislature

An indepth guide to the legislative process in Wisconsin.  Crucial for those wishing to propose new legislation!

Banks Street College of Education

Published in October 2020, this report makes the care for better compensation for the early childhood workforce, as well as methods to achieve this goal.

Wisconsin Childcare Administrators Association 

The mission of WCAA is to support Child Care Administrators in providing quality programming for Wisconsin’s families. WCCAA is active at local, regional, state, and national levels. The association is represented on many advisory committees and boards and provides quality training by hosting a statewide conference each year.

Championing a Mixed Delivery System

Resources to advocate for a mixed delivery system

Determine True Cost of Care

Use this interactive tool to see what the true cost of child care is, not what is charged.

Child Care Gap

Use the link to see how many slots are needed and how much it costs

Wisconsin Family Child Care Association

Wisconsin Family Child Care Association provides support, education, communication, and resources to family child care providers, families, and community members, while promoting professionalism and advocating within the early childhood field to provide quality care for children.

Alliance for Early Success

List Body

Child Care Aware

Resources and data

First Five Years Fund

The First Years Last Forever
Less than half of low-income children have access to high-quality early childhood programs that could dramatically improve their opportunities for a better future. Congress and the Administration can help change that.

Early Educator Engagement and Empowerment (E4) Toolkit

The Early Educator Engagement and Empowerment (E4) Toolkit was developed based on the experiences early educators have shared. This toolkit is meant to support early educators in their advocacy, power building, and engagement with stakeholders.

Send a Letter: Invest in Child Care in Wisconsin’s 2023-25 State Budget

Your state legislators need to know how critical a state investment into child care is for supporting healthy Wisconsin families and fostering a thriving Wisconsin. Send a letter today!

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Easy to adapt messages for parents, legislators, businesses and more!

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