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Wisconsin Early Childhood Action Needed

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Childcare Matters on Green County TV

Corrine Hendrickson and Brooke Skidmore sat down with Patrick Bodell of Green County TV to discuss Childcare Matters and their efforts around raising awareness, advocacy, and lobbying for State Legislation to support childcare facilities. 

We Need Your Help

Child Care Counts (CCC) is funded from the Federal American Rescue Plan and payments are being reduced in June and ending in January unless it is continued in the state budget. Without the continuation of child care counts, a recent WECAN survey found about 11% of all child care businesses have indicated they will immediately close and additional 15% say closure will be imminent. Another 50% will raise rates, on average, 25%. This is between $40-$60 per WEEK per CHILD.

  1. Contact Co-Chair Howard Marklein 608-266-0703 and Co-Chair Rep. Born 608-237-9139 and say, " I am asking you as the co-chair of the JFC to include at least $300 million in the state budget to continue the successful Child Care Counts program. If you don't, it will affect (me, my business, etc) as a (parent, employer, childless colleague sick of doing multiple jobs because my employer can't hire due to the lack of child care, grandparent/friend/family who helps out with child care so my friend/family can work.

  2. Parents, employers, and child care educators/staff only (owners/admin we have results from your survey) please take a few moments to fill out this survey so WECAN can communicate with elected representatives about the consequences if this program isn't continued:

Get Involved

We Need Everyone

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Advocacy Resources

As Educators, advocacy is our duty.  We can advocate for the children and families we serve, or for ourselves and our colleges in our own learning communities.  We can even use advocacy skills to build a better early childhood system in our state.  Don't know how to start? Click here to find templates and resources to begin your advocacy journey


Important Information and Media Mentions

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