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The Latest Information on Current Child Care Family Advocacy Movements at the State and Federal Level

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Early Childhood Advisory Council 2020 Report

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Infant Toddler Policy Project Talking Points

A Toddler and a Baby

Speak for Babies Infant Mental Health Talking Points

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American Rescue Plan-Policy Brief


Child Care Is in Chaos. Private Equity is not the answer


Child Care Sector Shrinks by 100,000+

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Child Care and Other Policy Tools to Combat Bottlenecks and Inflation

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Childcare in the News

Working with media to get our message across is an important part of our advocacy.  Here you'll find stories written by or featuring educators just like yourself, as well as informative pieces you can use to educate others.  We hope they will inspire you to speak out for the field!

About 700,000 parents with young kids left the workforce in 2020. For many, loss of child care was to blame

January 13th, 2021

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